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Sesli is bringing the beat to your next event, party or shindig with professional DJ services that will help you move, shake, and make incredible memories to last a lifetime. Reach out today to set the tone of your next event with a DJ that knows how to bring the party to life.

The Music

Making The Music You Want to Hear

Sesli is a young, talented, and experienced musician who pours endless creativity and passion into every beat he makes and track he shares. In the past seven years, he’s carved out a unique space in the New York music scene, gained thousands of streams on Spotify, and blown away electronic music fans with every new song.

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"The Mission EP"

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Sesli, as an up-and-coming DJ in New York, knows how important making music is. It is his passion to connect with his crowd for a moment of joy. 3 more singles are on the way.

The Next Big Thing

Making The Right Connections

The New York music and nightlife scene is one of the most diverse and unique spaces in the world, with countless producers, musicians, and DJs stepping onto the scene every single night. How do you find the right professional for your next event? How do you find the ground-breakers, the pioneers who are quickly becoming the next big thing?

The answer is: you already have.

Sesli, as an up-and-coming DJ in New York, knows how important making connections is – so reach out to him now to find or host the parties and events that will make a lasting impression, every time.


Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

Music not only sets the mood, but it sets the tone for your entire event or party. To make sure that the party never stops, you need professional DJ services that never disappoint.

If you’re looking for one of the best DJs in New York who knows exactly how to dial up the energy with the music you’ll want to move to, then give him a call or check out his social media channels for more information on his upcoming events and performances.

About Sesli

The Life of a Born Entertainer​

After moving abroad at the young age of 17, Sesli had to navigate the Big Apple on his own. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, he used the opportunity to not only make friends that soon became family, but start organizing and hosting some of the hottest parties in NYC. With the help of his brother, they started the Sesli Bros. legacy that soon became a staple in the NY party scene.

Growing up in the NY music scene gave Sesli a lifelong love for music and producing. His endless creativity, undeniable passion, and hard work are what’s making his name heard across the music scene.


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